Apprentice Butchers

The Apprentice Butchers of SA is a not for profit industry association that aims to engage and connect with the apprentice butcher. The association will be the platform to deliver learning, networking and exposing the value of butchery as a career.

The Association is the only apprentice butcher specific program in the meat industry whose primary focus is the apprentice. We will ensure members succeed in the meat industry and will act as a platform to raise the profile of the industry.

    To be the first point of contact for apprentices looking for
    information that enhances their career and interests.

     Engage the next generation of butchers. To build
    connections between apprentices and their industry, promote
    the industry as valuable and deliver continuous learning.

Apprentice Butcher

Apprentice Butchers will be introduced to the meat industry in a meaningful way. Apprentice butchers will benefit from the platform of this association in South Australia.

The Association operates within the Meat Industry, but only part of the entire industry.  It’s split into 6 sub-sectors: Abattoirs, Retailing, Smallgoods, Wholesale/ food service, wild game, poultry processing and feedlots. The Retail sub-sector is where this Association will operate, but benefits will arise from crossovers to other sub-sectors.

Meat retailers in Australia include traditional independent butchers, supermarkets and butcher shop chains. There are about 3,000 individual enterprises in Australia.

The meat retailing sector focuses on producing and supplying meat products through further processing and value-adding to meet customer needs. Meat retailers increasingly provide food preparation, storage and cooking advice to customers. Changes in work organisation are evident in longer opening hours and skills demands in technology, food safety, marketing, customer service and finances.

This Association will forge strong links with the industry and its many stakeholders so that members identify with them and promote the value of the trade as a career. Each of the stakeholders (including employers, RTOs and trade organisations) stands to benefit from the Association’s presence.

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