Benefits of the Apprentice Butchers of SA membership

Tools for Trade Incentives


Tools for Trade IntensiveFirst-year apprentices receive a full Tools of Trade kit when joining us. This includes 2 x Victorinox boning knives, 1 x Victorinox steak knife, 1 steel, 1 stone, 1 knife pouch & 1 knife pouch chain. This is in addition to your other benefits. The total MBL member prices of these products total to over $220. To receive this perk, Join us.

Interstate Work-Experience Trip


Interstate ScholarshipFor second and third-year apprentices, we’re offering a work experience Scholarship. Apply for the scholarship in the second half of the year and the committee will choose 1 apprentice to fly over to Melbourne or Hobart for 1-week work experience trip in January/ February 2020. Flights and accommodation paid for by ABSA. to apply, join us.

Masterclasses of Butchery



ABSA will hold 2 x masterclasses this year. 1 in July and 1 in October. The masterclasses will work on beef breakup and commercial cookery. This knowledge will equip you to advise customers and sell meat in retail butcher shops. To attend for free, join us.

Industry Infomation/ Fact Sheets


Industry InfoIf you want to keep up to date with Industry events such as butchery competitions and other industry scholarships then we’ll keep you informed with our fact sheets and help you achieve the goal you’re working towards. To access these resources, join us.

Young Industry Leader Program

Young Leader

With the help of Young Industry Leaders, you can be teamed up with a butcher who has been recently qualified or has had a number of successes in their career. You can chat to them for advice or about your personal life – they’re there to ensure you feel fulfilled in your butchery career apprenticeship while a being member of ours, so join us.



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